About PDM-WA


“The premier niche forum for the electricity distribution and metering industries in the West African sub-region”

Welcome to the 2016 Power Distribution & Metering West Africa Conference and Exhibition. This is the first-ever, uniquely focused, and niche electricity transmission & distribution (T&D) and metering forum, specially designed for and dedicated to distribution companies (DISCOs) and the metering sector in West Africa. PDM-WA is a timely strategic and technical meeting platform as Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy in the sub-region, consolidates on the gains of privatization of power sector which took effect from November 2013. PDM-WA will provide strategies and insights for the complex and pressing electricity supply, T&D and customer metering challenges faced by Executives in the West African power sector such as dilapidated infrastructure and network assets, high T&D system losses, inadequate liquidity and the poor financial health of DISCOs, cost-reflectivity of tariffs, revenue protection and revenue collection enhancement, and unskilled or low numbers in skilled workforce to operate the electricity supply networks. The Event will act as a catalyst for unlocking new business opportunities, fostering partnerships and ventures in these areas. In Nigeria alone, an estimated 60 percent of electricity customers and users are not metered and issues of estimated billing have become the norm. How do you close this huge metering gap and how do you tap into the immense opportunities created by this dynamic and rapidly emerging private sector driven industry? What are the challenges facing local meter manufacturers? PDM-WA will provide relevant answers to these questions and more. The Event will enable focused discussions and debates, networking and information exchange among attendees; showcase the latest developments and technologies; provide business-to-business (B2B) linkages; increase investor support for the DISCO and metering sectors; address relevant policy, regulation and compliance issues and facilitate dialogue between policy makers/regulators and the industries; as well as help to strengthen processes, heighten efficiency, improve performance, and increase customer value within the two sectors.


PDM-WA 2016 will focus on the following areas:

  • Overview of the West African DISCO and Metering Industries and Environment, with particular attention to the Nigerian Privatized Electricity Landscape
  • T&D Infrastructure and Network
  • DISCO Case Studies
  • Industry Regulations and Policies
  • Inter-Connectivity in the Sub-Region
  • Customer Metering and Implementation Issues
  • Customer Billing and Tariffs
  • Customer Engagement and Relationship Management
  • Prepaid Metering
  • Smart Metering and AMI Deployments
  • Revenue Protection and Revenue Collection Enhancement
  • Asset Management
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  • Demand Response
  • Meter Data Management
  • Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) Integration
  • Opportunities, Investment and Finance
  • Skilled Workforce – Recruitment, Development and Retention
  • Vendor Showcase & Exhibition
  • Technical Workshops and Product Demonstrations


  • DISCOs & Transmission (TSOs)
  • Power Network/System Operators
  • Meter or Meter Components Manufacturing Companies
  • Metering and Billing Technology & Service Companies System Integrators
  • Energy and Electricity Engineering Companies
  • Energy Technology Vendors and EPC Contractors
  • Government, Policy Makers, Policy Advisors & NGOs
  • Regulators
  • IPPs
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • Electricity Marketing and Sales Departments
  • Power Vendors
  • Investors (Banks, Investment Funds, Project Financiers, Development Agencies, Private Equities, etc)
  • Commercial Services Suppliers (Law Firms, Insurance, EIA, etc.)
  • Researchers & Academics
  • Energy Service Providers
  • Large Power Users
  • Market Analysts and Consultants


  • Power Associations
  • Power Standards Companies
  • Media